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Zimbabwe has much to offer the traveller - rugged mountains and great rivers, one of the safest and most vibrant modern capitals in the world in Harare, steam trains that attract enthusiasts from all over the world, wonderful wildlife, and a highly-developed culture that stretches back thousands of years and has given us some spectacular archaeological sites. Yet none are more famous than the glorious Victoria Falls.

The mighty Zambezi River hurls itself off the top of huge cliff into a gorge below and thus becomes one of the most fantastic sights in the natural world. Nothing can compare with the spectacle of the roaring water, topped by a white mist that leaps and dances in the air, the spray refracting a shimmering rainbow of light over the scene. A lush rain forest on the margins of the falls, sustained by the spray, further enhances the beauty.

Zimbabwe might be best known for the Falls but it has considerably more to offer. This is one of the great game countries and Hwange National Park has more than four hundred species of bird and one hundred species of animal. With high numbers of game and predators, Hwange is particularly renowned for its great elephant herds.

Mana Pools National Park is one of Zimbabwe's two world heritage sites. Here the Zambezi has become far less urgent in its journey to the sea, as it spreads out over the flood plain. Also a prime area for wildlife, with buffalo, zebra, eland and kudu just some of those to be found, Mana Pools is one of the few places left where black rhino can be seen.

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